Ephemere Deco began inSeptember 2006. Has participate in over 500 events.
Our experience, first in window shop dressing, design, graphic design as well as events decoration weddings, last but not least event planifications, allows us, up to now, to finalize, with full details, our customers.

« Ephémère as F.M.R, Festivity Weddings Reception.

"Make and undo, works around a particular instant, fleeting, unexpected creations in series or unique,
featuring a special moment, a magical moment. In this context where nothing is permanent, I appropriate present days,
time and life more broadly speeking, echoing rhymics seasons. My visual and aesthetic involvement in these timeless actions combine with various materials from natural elements, origin of our essence(water,air,earth, fire). Therefore, I materialize space with vegetable and floral architecture, sometimes diverted in favor of innovative and original foreground.
During my scenic experiences and thanks to the new trends influence, inspiration becomes synonymous with progress and balance constantly challenged, for the sake of artistic performance. Every event is different unique and personalised, It is always the first time, constructive, learning time, seeking inspiration. My ephemeral creations unlike the permanent setting concept are nonetheless in harmony with sustainable development.
Indeed, I stand out for ethically orientated materials selected to respect environment and seasons. Ephemeral Deco serves all those who want to keep a moving and unforgettable memories of these festive times.
Each event remains for perennial ephemeral memories.

Thank you every one who trusted me and allowed me to progress".

Sylvette CC.